Make An Adjustable Mini Camera Tripod Out Of Disposable Razors

Make An Adjustable Mini Camera Tripod Out Of Disposable Razors

Whether you have shaky hands or want to leave your camera unattended for some time-lapse action, you don’t need to spend money on a tripod. Instructables user jawasan cleverly makes one out of a few disposable razors.

The project looks complicated at first, since you’ll also need a small piece of wood and a bolt to link them all together (and attach the camera). However, if you have a well-stocked workbench, this should be child’s play. If not, you could probably use just about anything to hook the three razors together.

Not only will it keep your camera steady, but you can even adjust it a bit — using the flexible razor heads — to make it fit in any situation. Check out the link below for the full how-to guide.

Very Cool Mini Disposable Razor Tripod for Your Camera! [Instructables via WonderHowTo]


  • Disgusting remnants of used disposable hygiene products. Yeah, that’s what we want to use.

    Other great ideas for readers;
    – A paper weight made from an empty roll-on deodorant.
    – Bookmarks made from empty toothpaste tubes.
    – Empty toilet rolls as pot handle holders.
    – Used dental floss as Christmas tree decorations (remember to save up during the year).
    – Used band-aids as door slam dampeners.
    – Spit used mouthwash into an oil burner.
    – Used cotton-buds (from ears) bent into iPhone stand.
    – Old (wet) loofer as a door stop.

  • If you search for ‘adjustable camera tripod’ on ebay you can have something delivered to your home for under $3.

    I was subscribed to LH’s RSS feed, just removed that due to the terrible ratio of useful info to stories only relevant to …. I seriously have NFI who would actually do this.

    • Can you shave using the $3 ebay option? NO!

      Article should be – “Make a mini camera tripod that can also combat stubble.” Not even Victorinox can boast this claim. All hail LH!

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