List Accomplishments, Not Your Job Description, On Your Resume

List Accomplishments, Not Your Job Description, On Your Resume

There are a lot of important things you should put on your resumé, but just important are the things you leave off. Mashable lists four of the most important items you should skip, one of which is a bit surprising: the tasks you performed at your old jobs.

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It seems like such an integral part of resumé-building, but Mashable says that this may just be a waste of space:

Instead of telling recruiters what you did at your past jobs, tell them what you accomplished — what were the overarching results of your day-to-day tasks? Rather than rewriting your job description, tell recruiters how you did what you did and why it made a difference to your employer and customers.

If done correctly, you can still make it very clear what kinds of tasks you performed without “rewriting your job description”. With a well-written list of quantifiable accomplishments, you can make clear what you did as well as the fruit those tasks bore. Hit the link to see the other things you should leave off your resumé.

4 Things to Leave Off Your Resume [Mashable]

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