Keep Track Of Items By Organising Your Drawers Alphabetically

Keep Track Of Items By Organising Your Drawers Alphabetically

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you need a few extra batteries. You know they’re in a drawer somewhere, but you can’t remember where. If your drawers are a bit too cluttered and disorganised, Lifehacker reader Owlmonkey has a great solution: organise them alphabetically.

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We recently asked you how you organise your drawers. Owlmonkey wrote in with this clever solution:

I have a set of drawers for random things that I organise by alpha. Any items that I would name starting with A, B, or C go into that drawer. So I would find adapters there, batteries of all kinds, etc. Then there are drawers for D, E, F etc. Sometimes it takes a couple guesses for how I would name something but usually I find it on the first try.

Organizing by alpha is easier for me to remember than having a taxonomy of drawers by category, because I can’t usually remember the categories I once used or how things would be sorted. Alpha is clean, and I usually only have to look in one or two places to find it.

Tape? No problem, all of that is filed in the T drawer. Scissors? Felt? Velcro? I know where all of my misc items are. It’s been really confidence building to have a place for everything and a sense that I can always find it.

I don’t know if I would necessarily use this for my workspace — after all, quick access to the most important items is the best way to keep your workspace productive — but for the drawers you use for storing miscellaneous “stuff”, this seems like a useful way to make sure you find what you need when you need it.

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