Keep Ants Out With Petroleum Jelly

Got a major ant invasion going on? notes that since ants find it nearly impossible to cross sticky substances, petroleum jelly makes an effective barrier when applied the cracks of your windows, on door jambs, and anywhere else you've noticed ants entering your home.

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We've covered several ways to get rid of ants over the years, including drawing chalk lines around your house. Petroleum jelly is an equally cheap alternative, and it's often a case of testing methods until you find one that works for you.

What ant control methods have worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Keep Ants Away with Petroleum Jelly []


    There's a product called 'Crawly Cruncher' that I've been using for years, not only does it dry (looks like milk) quickly and become unnoticeable, but it works for months too. There is a fairly strong smell, but that disappears very quickly. Seems to work on most bugs and It's cheap too. Oh, and no I don't have shares. :)

    I use diluted pyrethrum as a spray around my outdoor area to keep spiders, ants and other insects away , in the areas where it doesnt get wet it lasts a long time, recently had a ant infestation in my house as a prelude to a storm, i mixed pyrethrum concentrate and petroleum jelly to make a kind of sludge that I put in the holes where the ants were traveling, this worked well as the ants would not go past it or eat it.

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