Infographic: Sysadmins Vs Network Managers

There's a definite overlap between the roles of systems administrators and network managers, but also some clear differences. A survey of 300 Australian IT professionals by IT management software provider SolarWinds highlights those differences, covering everything from typical salaries (network managers have the edge here) to future ambitions (systems administrators are less likely to aspire to a CIO role).

The key points from the study are summed up in the infographic below. Does that match with your experience? Tell us in the comments. (No, we wouldn't call The Big Bang Theory sci-fi either.)


    Holy unreadable black text on charcoal background, Batman!

    I think someone forgot that people cannot read black text on a black background

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    little mistak
    otherwise g
    bad. Still, th
    she had a b
    would ride t

    serious? did no one look at this before uploading the image? wtf

    i don't know what any of you are complaining about. I can read it fine.

      Check the times on the comments- You posted the morning of the next day, and now it's a lovely blue background, instead of unreadable black text on charcoal.

    So at no point did I see anything to actually do with the difference between the role of a sysadmin or a network manager??

      C'mon, you're complaining about this?

      These results are from a group of 300, ONE HUNDRED OF WHICH ARE FEMALE*.

      Callin BS on that; it's either BS or SolarWinds isn't interested in accurately representing the either position.

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