How To Downgrade Your New Windows 8 Computer To Windows 7

How To Downgrade Your New Windows 8 Computer To Windows 7

If you aren’t a fan of Windows 8 but want a new laptop that comes with Windows 8 preinstalled, you’ll be happy to know you can actually downgrade it to Windows 7 without having to reformat. Here’s how.

Maybe you’ve given Windows 8 a try and it simply isn’t working for you; maybe you’re just after new hardware and ot the operating system. Fortunately, Windows 8 PCs come with what are called “downgrade rights”. If your PC comes with Windows 8 Pro, you can downgrade to Windows 7 Pro just by installing it on top of your existing OS. You’ll need a legitimate disc and product key, but you can use an old or used one — after you install, you can call Microsoft and to activate the downgrade. You can even downgrade multiple machines with the same CD and key.

Not all computers come with downgrade rights, so be sure to do a bit of research before you try this out or buy your new Windows 8 computer. It can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s a nice option if you really want to keep using Windows 7. Hit the link to see the full step-by-step process.

Understanding Downgrade Rights [Microsoft via How-To Geek]


  • I can’t understand why anyone would do this. The Windows 8 Desktop is essentially a much, much faster and cleaner version of Windows 7. People are morons. They’re also giving up the right to free unlimited music on Xbox Music by downgrading. Also – they need a new Windows 7 license which isn’t cheap and is also rather hard to get now.

      • When it first appeared? You mean like just before Windows 95? Yeah, I bet EVERYONE complained then, fool.

        Windows 8 uses large ‘buttons’ that needn’t be there. It’s a bad design if it’s not for a touch screen and everyone knows it.

    • People aren’t just ‘morons’, your a moron just for thinking in such a way.
      We recently did this as a customer bought a laptop in with Windows 8, some of the software the company uses wasn’t compatible with Windows 8. So we upgraded the laptop with Windows Anytime Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $70? so we could then legitimately downgrade the laptop to Windows 7 Pro.
      You don’t need to buy a new Windows 7 license either, as it says, you can ring Microsoft and they will give you a one-time activation key.

    • Don’t mean to necessarily suggest that YOU are the moron, but you seem to throw the word around. My Dell using a nVidia Quadro 4400 is simply not compatible with Windows 8, along with a couple of others. Appears to me that 8 is designed for a tablet in the unlikely possibility that MS can compete with Apple and others. I am trying very hard to break myself of the Window virus that I have been using along side Mac for years.

  • Worst system EVER… FAR worse then Vista.. So many programs do not work with this system. Just try making java work for 1 .. WHAT a joke MS.. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • Well I’m an XML configuration writer and when I came across W8 I was really disappointed. Microsoft just haven’t spent enough time tweaking this sad OS. If I’m a moron for retracing W7,..then at least I’ll be a happy moron eh … 🙂

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