How Much Space Do You Actually Need On A Tablet?


    How long is a piece of string? It all depends on the user and how much "stuff" they have. Personally my 64GB tablet is about three quarters full. For some people 128GB might be overkill, for others 128GB won't even nearly be enough.

      I agree with Dman. It all depends on the individual and how they wish to use the device. I probably wouldn't need 128GB, but knowing my luck if I were to buy a tablet with less space I'd end up needing more. Give people a choice, and they'll go for what they need.

    My decision to go 32gb was based on the idea that a tablet really needs sod all storage, but that 16gb was probably just a tad too small. I've since discovered it's a handy resource for music and have put a tonne of music on it, so it's pretty full. So much so I could *probably* use 64gb if I wanted to but 32gb still feels about the sweet spot. Same goes for my phone.

    I have a 64GB mini, and it is not quite full, but I would probably be inclined to get the 128GB so that I can store full res photos, HD movies etc on it and not worry too much about space.

    I am an ameteur photographer, and with an ever-growing library of RAW photos, I am finding space to be a dwindling resource.

    What it really needs is a micro SD slot so that users can decide for themselves.

    The problem with the iPad is that you can't expand its capacity if you need to, most other tablets, including the Surface have capacity for extra storage to be added using a MicroSD card. Youc an pick up 32GB of extra storage for $20 whereas with an iPad you would have to get yourself an entirely new iPad, $20 vs $700.

      Deliberate move by Apple to make money. Generally Apple consumers are more affluent than others and therefore more inclined to buy the higher spec product. The larger capacity products probably have a higher profit margin. Putting a MicroSD card option in the product would mean that most people would go for a lower spec version (or there's no reason to build higher spec and more profitable versions).

      I went with a 64Gb version because I was worried that I'd run out of space all the time (and I'm just one of those people that prefers to get the highest spec just out of sheer want). But I could have probably gotten away with a 32Gb version, it's hardly at 30-40% capacity at any point in time.

      But the general rule in computing is that no matter how big your hard drive is, there's only 10% space left.

    The bigger the better, with expandable storage thanks!

    In an ideal world, I'd want to store just about everything on my mobile device. By "everything" I mean a couple TB of media and other files. I know it's not going to happen anytime soon, and I don't immediately fill up whatever I have, but I always want moar storage. MOARR!

    Data storage is exactly the same as physical storage... Give someone a little, and they''ll keep it neat and tidy, and throw out the stuff they don't need, but still not quite have enough.

    Give them more storage, and they'll fill it with crap, but still not quite have enough.

    Personally I have no problems with the 16GB on my Transformer. Music and movies I tend to stream when I'm at home, and haven't yet really had the need to use it as a media player away from my house.

    I have an 8gb nexus 7. I stream movies and music with Plex and load up a USB for when i'm travelling (using Nexus media importer). Photos are stored in the cloud. I never wish I had more space.

    If I had plentifully free wi-fi or a mobile data plan with reliable service that was priced around $1 per GB or less, capacity probably wouldn't be an issue.

    None of those things are true in even Australia's biggest city, so I'd have to say that there is a definite argument in favour of more space for stuff.

    Always need more space.

    My question is, do you really need to store all of that information, all of the time? We're going to Sydney soon, and I've packed two dozen TV show episodes on my Nexus 7 (16gb). That's plenty. But I don't need to keep that stuff on there once we're home. My phone is a different beast -- I listen to music all the time, so I keep my 10gb of music on there permanently.

    Apps are slightly different, but do you use all the apps all the time?

    My 64 gig transformer prime has heaps of free space. I keep most of my data on a USB hdd and just copy it onto the tablet when I want it.

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