How Do You Keep Your Drawers Organised?

Drawers clutter all too easily. When you have too many items inside each one, they becomes a challenge to organise. How do you do it?

Do you use standard drawer organisers? Do you have a DIY method or any special tricks? Tell us about your methods and tools in the comments below.


    Tshirt draw - I've got about 30 tshirts folded and siting upright and you can just flick through them like a filing cabinet to find the one you want.

      What keeps them upright?
      If it's pressure from having a full drawer, then what happens when you wear some of them?
      Do they sag into a heap or have you something else going on?

    Personally I organise my drawers by tucking discretely to the right! ;)

    Found a cutlery drawer divider that is almost the perfect size for my drawer. Took some searching. It's still a touch crowded, but it's organised.

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