Gympact For Android Makes Sure You Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions

Android: Last year, Gympact for iPhone encouraged you to go to the gym by paying you real money for going and charging you for skipping out. Now the app is available for Android users too, just in time for the new year.

The Android version of the app works the same way the iOS version does: instead of metaphorically throwing away money with a gym membership you don't use, Gympact actually lets you put a small amount of money on the line that you'll be charged if you miss too many days at the gym. When you do go, you check in to the gym via GPS, and the app won't penalise you for missing your date with the treadmill. Periodically, the money pooled from people who don't go is distributed to the people who do go.

The team behind the app note that the majority of the people who signed up using the iOS app are still participating in the program, so if you sign up now you'll have even more people to compete with. It's drastic to put real money on the line, but Gympact may offer the incentive you need to get to the gym.

GymPact [Google Play]


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