BBQ Perfectly Moist Chicken Under A Brick

BBQ Perfectly Moist Chicken Under A Brick

Say goodbye to chicken on your BBQ that’s part underdone and part over-charred. By resting a foil-wrapped brick on the chicken halves, you’ll flatten them out to cook more evenly and achieve moist chicken perfection.

Men’s Health posts this tip from BBQ master Chris Lilly (no, not the Summer Heights High dude) about turning a brick into an unusual BBQ tool. Basically, you need to wrap bricks in two sheets of heavy-duty foil, then preheat the BBQ to medium-low:

Place the chicken halves on the grill, skin side down. Place a brick over each half, cover the grill, and cook until their internal temperature reaches 165F (75C) — around 40 to 45 minutes, turning and basting them halfway through.

Hit the link below for recipes.

Avoid Grilling Gaffes [Men’s Health


  • This certainly works. However, I use a cinder block (Beser Block) or retaining wall block because the have a hole through the middle, allowing you to just put something (eg. long tongs) through the middle to life of the brick. Like these for about $8 at Bunnings or similar

    I served Chickens for Christmas like this, As an extra I put sliced oranges and lemons with cracked pepper between the brick and the Chicken. Everyone agreed it was amazing.

  • Been doing this trick for years (although I did get it out of a Men’s Health back then too).

    An oven mit works probably better than a set of tongs when it comes to lifting the brick. And if anyone has a go at you for being girly, remind them that you’re holding a hot brick.

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