Google Handwriting Search Now Less Sketchy

Google has upgraded the software underlying its handwriting-based search tool, Google Handwrite, with tools designed to make it more accurate.

Image: Google

Google Handwrite — which we covered when it launched last year — will now offer easier correction for individual characters it gets wrong across multiple languages, as well as adding the ability to quickly add multiple Chinese characters; when it first launched you could only enter a single Chinese character at a time.

The other big issue with a handwriting approach is that it may work acceptably on a large tablet screen, but not so well on smaller smartphones. To that end, Google's Inside Search blog notes that it's now more capable of making out your scrawl even if it's all crunched together.

A quick, non-scientific test on a couple of Android handsets suggests to me that it's better than it used to be; I've certainly got no love for handwriting recognition on glass as it's never had much love for me. Do you find it a useful feature, or still just a gimmick?

Google Handwrite gets easier and faster [Inside Search]


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