FixTracking Shows You How To Browse Securely On Any Browser

In honour of International Data Privacy Day, alternative search engine DuckDuckGo put together a stellar guide on browsing securely and anonymously with any popular web browser.

We've mentioned plenty of helpful tools for keeping your browsing anonymous and secure, but it's hard to remember every single one and figure out what's right for your needs. DuckDuckGo's FixTracking site explains all your options and shows you how to set everything up so you can browse without worry who may be tracking your activity.

The guide automatically detects what browser you're using, but if you want instructions for a different one, you can just scroll down to the bottom of the page and select it. FixTracker really offers a stellar guide for managing your online data privacy. Be sure to check it out if you're concerned about being tracked on the web.

Fix Tracking [via Reddit]


    Erm LH just scored a bronze medal from the "DoNotTrackMe" plugin on Firefox.
    Pot this is kettle..........

      I believe the correct term is now "Iron Australians"


          (You can't call people 'black' these days)

            Ahh.. I've been using the abbreviated version of that saying for so long now that I don't think about the full wording. :)

    This is whos tracking us on this very page:

    Google +1
    Google Adsense
    Google Analytics
    Netratings Site Census

    Seven trackers on this page alone!
    I get less trackers on porn sites!

      Which ones???

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