Fitocracy For Android Tracks Your Workout

Fitocracy For Android Tracks Your Workout

Android: Fitocracy, one of our favourite fitness tracking service, took the wraps off of its Android app this week, giving Android users just the tool we all need to start the year off right. The app lets you track your activity on your phone, catch up with friends, and stay in touch with your groups and communities anywhere you go.

Fitocracy users have had an iOS app for a while, and the new Android app offers an expanded set of features. You can track your workout, get and give props, check your notifications to see who has added you as a friend, keep up with what’s going on in your groups and what your friends are posting, comment on their activities, and even post your own photos and statuses to stay in touch with everyone. As you log workouts, the app will keep track of your level, award you badges and awards, and help you stay motivated to get in shape.

The iOS app received an update today which gives it feature parity with the Android version. Both apps are completely free and available now in their respective app stores to download.

Fitocracy (Free) [Google Play]

Fitorcracy (Free) [iTunes App Store]


  • Just a warning before you sign up to this – you can’t easily delete your account and it’s privacy seems rather lax. I downloaded the app on android after reading this article, but without my knowledge it listed me as following eight random profiles of people I don’t know and join five random groups. Be warned!

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