Fig Tracks Your Habits To Give You A Broad View Of Your Health

iOS/Android: You won't find a shortage of health-tracking apps, but Fig does it a little differently to the rest. It allows you to track your exercise, sleep and mental health all in one place.

Fig takes an approach similar to our one-minute form. On top of the usual "exercise 30 minutes a day" you find in most health trackers, Fig also tosses in the ability to track how much caffeine you have in the afternoon, if you use electronics before bed, and even if you're keeping up on social obligations.

Simply add an activity you want to complete to you day and check it off as you do it. The goal is to give you a better overall view of your day so you can see how your activities relate to each other (for example, you have a bad night of sleep when you don't drink enough water throughout the day). For the socially minded, you can also cheer on friends or share your day with others, but it's not required.

Fig (free) [iTunes App Store via The Greatist] Fig (free) [Google Play via The Greatist]


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