ExifPeeler Batch Removes EXIF Data From Your Photographs

ExifPeeler Batch Removes EXIF Data From Your Photographs

The EXIF data stored with photographs can be useful if you want to replicate the same settings on your camera, but it can also reveal information you’d rather keep private. If you want to remove all EXIF data from photos before uploading them, ExifPeeler is a bare-bones web site that will get the job done.

Simply upload the photos (up to 100 images or 50MB in total) to the site, and you can then download them either individually or collected in a batch file. No login is required; the photos are deleted one hour after uploading. There are plenty of utilities and image editors that will let you manually delete EXIF information, but this is a useful backup, especially if you’re working on someone else’s machine.



  • Hey, I’m on lifehacker!

    I’m actually going to add one more feature to it – email submission: If you email your photos to a specific address it’ll rip out the exif and send the clean pics back to you. Assuming all goes well, that’ll be up and running in the next week or two.

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