Dropbox For Windows 8 Doesn't Let You Add Files

There's no issue with installing standard Dropbox on a regular Windows 8 machine. If you'd like to be able to browse your Dropbox folders in a modern-style Windows 8 environment, you can now install a Windows 8-specific app for viewing and accessing files — but weirdly, it doesn't actually let you upload new files from your local hard drive.

The Windows 8 app lets you browse photos, watch videos, and share that content with others using Windows 8 charms. However, you can't upload files into Dropbox, and you can't access data from your Dropbox folders in other Windows 8 apps.

For users running Windows RT (which won't run anything other than Windows 8 apps), this is a potential solution: for everyone else, sticking with the Windows 7 version of Dropbox makes more sense.

Hello, Windows 8. Dropbox is here! [Dropbox Blog]


    Confused: Potential solution for WinRT users is what exactly??

      Having some form of Dropbox rather than nothing at all.

    Interesting to see that there are, which some would say, unfinished apps being launched of late. Being able to upload within the dropbox app should've been a key feature?

    The Win 8 Skype App was also missing a key feature, which was to allow you to send a file during your conversation which has been in the desktop version for a very long time. I'm not sure if they have released an updated version yet.

    I appreciate that you offered a solution of sticking with the Windows 7 version of Dropbox, rather than just stating that it couldn't be done in W8. Every other discussion I read about it just stated it couldn't be done. I installed the software from Dropbox.com, and now have the option from my desktop to use Dropbox like I used to use it in Windows 7. I don't care that it's not an app. I just want to get back to work. :)

    Again, thank you very much.

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