Dolphin Browser Broadcasts Shared Pages, Syncs With Desktop Browsers

Dolphin Browser Broadcasts Shared Pages, Syncs With Desktop Browsers

Android/iOS/Chrome/Firefox/Safari: The latest version of Dolphin Browser, our top pick for Android, can broadcast shared web pages over Wi-Fi so that any other Dolphin user on the same network can view it. Now it also offers desktop browser extensions so you can quickly send directions, tabs, maps and other content to your phone or tablet.

Today’s updates are designed to make Dolphin work more seamlessly with your desktop browsing experience and to make it easier to share pages you like with others. The new Dolphin Connect extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari work a bit like previously mentioned Site to Phone and Chrome to Phone. One tap instantly sends any document, email, map or page from your browser directly to Dolphin on your iOS or Android device.

Dolphin’s new Wi-Fi Broadcast option lets you hit one button and share a page you’re browsing on your phone or tablet with anyone else using Dolphin on your wireless network. Of course, this means you can also broadcast that same information to everyone at a cafe, so use that feature with caution. The new version of Dolphin also includes native support for Evernote clipping, so you don’t have to leave the browser to save or annotate pages or recipes to Evernote. You can grab the app at the links below.

Dolphin Browser for Android (free) [Google Play]
Dolphin Browser for iPhone/iPod Touch (free) [iTunes App Store]
Dolphin Browser for iPad (free) [iTunes App Store via Dolphin Blog]

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