Does Technology Make You Happier?

Does Technology Make You Happier?

We love our technology, but it’s capable of causing burnout and addiction. We can blame our own overuse or a lack of education on the subject but, as IEEE spectrum points out, technology wasn’t necessarily designed with our happiness in mind. So we want to know, does technology make you happy?

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Can Technology Make You Happier [IEEE Spectrum]


  • Technology can be fun. It can bring pleasure, enjoyment, amusement. It can help us in the achievement of satisfying goals. Does it make us happy? In and of itself, no.

  • If it doesn’t make you happy, it may make you less unhappy. Consider for a moment if you didn’t have your mobile phone on you whilst you were out – I would think that most people who have been accustomed to having one by their side would suddenly feel very uncomfortable without one. And that includes dumb phones.

  • I’ve been thinking about this very topic for a few weeks, and I’ve decided to go on a “Tech Diet” for the month of February. No Technology-as-entertainment.

    No TV, no movies, no games (single tear), no surfing the web.

    I’m interested to see how I feel – assuming I don’t off myself 2 days in, of course

  • Yes. It makes me happy…however, only when it works the way I like it. Problem is that the time it takes being unhappy trying to make it work is normally a lot longer than the time I spend being happy with it.

    So in short, yes, at the very end, I’m happy, but it takes a lot of unhappy to get there.

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