Do You Back Kickstarter Projects?

The crowdfunding site Kickstarter doesn't seem to be slowing down in 2013, and plenty of new projects hit the site every day. Do you back Kickstarter projects?

Last year, 2.24 million backers pledged $US320 million to projects, and only 18,000 of them were successful. That's a lot of money going to projects. With the Pebble Smart Watch delivering this month, we want to know, do you back Kickstarter projects? If so, why?


    I have backed three sucesful projects so far. The first has arrived and the other two are due soon.

    All photo tech so far.

    One interesting trend is that a lot of independent musicians seem to be using kickstarter as a way to facilitate pre-orders for their music and thus raise some funds before heading into the studio (or live recording).

    I only tend to back projects from known and reliable folk who are in the community that I belong to.

    I've only backed one Kickstarter (Elite: Dangerous). I've been waiting for this game for almost 20 years, and it's looking bloody good.

    I've never backed a Kickstarter project. None of the projects that I've looked at would be something I want to have. If I actually saw some thing that I wanted to exist I would though.

    Waiting for my Pebble, not long now.

    I backed Amanda Palmer's album, that's all so far. I don't go looking for projects to back, but if people or things I'm interested in come up I would back them

    If we could support Australian projects I would be straight there - until then I'll stick to things like

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