DIY Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather is fine there’s nothing better than cooking outdoors, but that’s usually limited to just the BBQ. Using a set of free plans from design firm Studio Mama, you can construct an outdoor kitchen that features a gas range, a bucket sink, a chopping station and storage.

The outdoor kitchen is designed so that you can hook a garden hose up to the sink and the wastewater goes to a large garden watering jug for reusing on the flowers. Full details and instructions can be found on the free PDF plans. What you’re essentially doing is creating a few boxes for each station (sink, storage, cooktop) and connecting them with dowels so that the kitchen can be packed away for travel.

If you have reasonable carpentry skills, you should be able to finish constructing the outdoor kitchen over a weekend if you have all the parts on hand.

Outdoor Kitchen [Studio Mama]

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