DIY Beach Bag Doesn't Retain Sand

A trip to the beach is enjoyable, but dealing with the inevitable sand collection you bring home isn't. DIY crafting weblog Between the Lines offers a design for a mesh beach bag made from window screen material that greatly reduces the amount of sand you collect.

As well as the window mesh, you'll need a piece of hard plastic or wood for the bottom of the bag, some weather-resistant fabric such as oilcloth or nylon to cover the bottom and make a zippered pouch, bias tape to cover the seams, leather or other materials for the handles, a zipper for the pouch, rivets, a hole punch and a sewing machine.

Step-by-step photos and directions can be found at the source link below. This project shouldn't take much more than an hour and is cheap if you can scavenge the mesh from somewhere.

Mesh Beach Bag Tutorial!! [Between the Lines]


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