Dissecting The Qantas Free Chauffeur Offer For Business Class Passengers

Dissecting The Qantas Free Chauffeur Offer For Business Class Passengers

From April, Qantas will offer free chauffeur connections for business and first class passengers on flights to Dubai and London, with other cities to follow later in the year. Is that a perk that’s worth paying for?

The rollout coincides with Qantas’ recently-approved partnership with Emirates, which already offers a chauffeur drive package for first and business customers. There are limits on how far you can travel from the airport, typically around 40 kilometres. If you exceed those limits, you’ll pay extra. There are also charges for excess luggage.

In April, Qantas will offer the service on flights to Dubai and London. From July, it will offer it on any flight of more than 12 hours duration — a set that currently includes Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Johannesburg and Santiago.

We’ve shown you tactics for saving money on business class flights, but even with a cheaper ticket, booking your own chauffeur and taking a premium economy flight would prove a lot cheaper. If you can make the case for why business class travel is important, however, this is an added bonus that might make the overall economics a little better.


  • I don’t think this would be a perk aimed at people trying to decide between premium economy and business class but people trying to decide which airline to fly business or first class with. As the article says, it would be a big price difference between classes, but it would be less so between airlines class for class. So really the question is whether Qantas’ generally higher airfare is worth the difference with its level of service including the chauffeur connection.

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