Dealhacker: Get Winamp Pro For 15% Off

Winamp is our favourite music player for Windows, but the free version lacks a few key features — most notably video playback and unlimited CD ripping. If you want to upgrade to Winamp Pro, reader vanLog shares a code that will get you 15 per cent off.

This code has been around for nearly two years according to RetailMeNot, but it still works. If you've been looking to rip your CDs at a faster speed — or rip them to MP3, which is completely absent from the free version — this will save you a few bucks. Just type Offer421 into the promo box when you check out (including the capital "O") and you'll be on your way.

Buy Winamp Pro


    Okay, as much as I love Winamp as a music player and it's awesome and stuff please don't hit me - don't we already HAVE other programs that give us the ability to (as far as I can tell) do what the pro version of Winamp does, for free?

    >Native Video Support across most codecs - "K-Lite Mega Codec Pack" does the same job, for free, and makes Windows Media Player actually useful for something. For those who still hate WMP, the VLC media player does a damned good job without the K-Lite pack installed.

    CD Burning - I dunno about you guys, but when I bought my PCs a while back, they came with pre-installed copies (and spare CDs, mind) of the Roxio and Nero suites (I think it was Roxio 7 and Nero 10 back then). Both powerful programs. But we're looking for freeware - DVDVideoSoft ( has several self-contained programs that (along with ripping dvds and cds as standard) will burn cds and dvds pretty quickly.

    I don't see why I'd want to pay $20 (less with the code, but stick with me) for features that I can easily grab, for free - Winamp is a brilliant media player, don't get me wrong - but I really don't want to drop cash on something that my other programs could run easier, and more than likely, better.

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