Dealhacker: Free McDonald’s Cheeseburger And Other Australia Day Food Offers

Australia Day is coming! Time to drape everything in the flag, crack open some frosty beverages and score yourself some free grub! McDonald's is offering free cheeseburgers, and it's not the only one with holiday food offers.

The McDonald's deal involves "liking" the McDonald's Facebook Page, creating an Aussie nickname and then heading to an outlet to claim your fatty kilojoules for free on January 26. If you're not a big fan of the fast food giant, I should point out that you can make your own cheeseburger for around $1.38.

Baker's Delight is meanwhile giving away free Mini Cheesybite Scrolls from stores; there's no minimum to buy, although there is a competition for a week's worth of bread vouchers that closes on Australia day on the Baker's Delight Blog. (warning: gratuitous Jason & Kylie picture awaits you.)

Vibe Hotels are running a special all week long between 4-6pm with free mini-meat pies and a buy one get one free beer offer at the Curve Café.

I strongly suspect there are other cash-in-on-patriotism-offers that I've missed — what other Australia Day freebies have Lifehacker readers spotted?


    If you get a traffic infringement, WA Police are offering "earn one demerit point, get one free"

      I believe that very special offer runs nationwide. In other words, don't race down to Maccas to claim your burger; it could cost you more than you think.

        Double demerits doesn't run in Victoria.

          One of the only logical god damned thing about traffic laws and enforcement in this state.

          That's because VIC drivers are always bad. Holidays with double demerits won't change that

          OT; but just another reason why the States need to be abolished and we standardise oddities like these... and remove a level of government from our over-governed selves. Federal and Local is all we need. Just like the UK

          Nothing says Australia-Day like getting a cheeseburger from a USA meganatioanl corporate... how about fish and chips from your local :-) Or a good ole BBQ.

            But But But....they are changing their name to "Macca's" for the day! That makes them Aussie...right?

            I don't think following the UK's lead on anything pertaining to government is a good idea.

              Our whole system of government is based on the Westminster ergo UK structure.

            Anyone suggesting that local Govt is good for anything doesn't live in the City of Yarra, that's for sure.

    I wonder how this article made it to the health section. :D

    Or "celebrate" invasion day instead and step outside being a slobbish overweight obnoxious yobbo wearing the Aussie flag as a cape screaming the worst sort of obscenities at foreigners whilst stuffing your gob with American fast food.

    This McDonald's ad is a great reason why we should turn our backs on this celebration of white people invading and taking over from the first people.

      Ah, white mans guilt. Never far away is it?

      Those people wearing a flag as a cape are showing great disrespect to the flag. Treating it that way is like spitting on the flag.

        What's wrong with spitting onto cloth? Maybe you have a mouth full of phlegm and hacked up snot and you don't want to spit it onto the street where any kid can lick it, so you spit it into a hankie. Sure, the hankie has a strange pattern on it, but who cares?

        And yet still far less disrespectful than the a**holes that label it "invasion" day. It's crap like that which fuels the "love it or leave it" attitude.

          Yep, I'm sure you're only xenophobic because everyone else makes you that way

          Last edited 24/01/13 10:04 pm

      Hahahahhhahahaha I'm dying from laughter, truly hilarious.

      the first people

      Ah, so it's Indigenous people making all those annoying comments before anyone else has seen the article...

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