Clueful Is Now An iOS Privacy Webapp

Clueful Is Now An iOS Privacy Webapp

We wrote about BitDefender’s iOS privacy monitoring app Clueful when it launched last May, but the app only survived two months before Apple removed it from the App Store. Now Clueful has returned as a webapp.

The web interface is designed to look just like an iPhone app. You can search for an app to find out how the app treats your privacy: details covered include if it tracks your location, uploads your UDID, or has access to your address book. For each entry, there’s a quick overview, a more detailed description of the settings, and a place for users to add comments. Clueful also ranks the worst offenders when it comes to user privacy.

With more than 775,000 apps in the App Store, Clueful can’t cover every single one, but it does track most popular apps. While it lacks some of the perks of the iOS version (such as rating the apps you have installed), Clueful’s webapp version is a helpful tool if you care about your data privacy. It does no credit to Apple that it rejects security apps for iOS, but for now a webapp seems the only alternative.

Clueful [via Tuaw]

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