Build Your Own Bluetooth Network Monitor And Keep Tabs On Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection will rarely if ever reach its maximum potential speed. So when you're gaming or downloading and want to know whether that lag is packet loss, what do you do? One enterprising DIYer hacked together his own network monitor that sits on his desk and feeds him data on the health of his connection.

Zak Kemble, the maker behind the monitor, wanted a way to keep tabs on his connection without logging in to his router to check, so he built this monitor. It uses a simple shell script and a low-cost microprocessor and Bluetooth module to communicate with the router, and displays the information on the tiny USB-powered LCD display. You can see it in action in the video above (it's worth turning annotations on, as he includes descriptive notes as annotations to the video.)

The monitor uses ATmega328P microcontroller to manage a 1.8" colour LCD display and the Bluetooth module, along with the V-USB for USB support. It's definitely no beginner project, but if you're up to the challenge, it looks really useful and a lot of fun. Hit the link below for all of the code and associated files.

Bluetooth Net Monitor [Zak's Electronics Blog via Hack a Day]


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