Briefly: LinkedIn Hits 200 Million, What US Airport Security Found

Briefly: LinkedIn Hits 200 Million, What US Airport Security Found

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including LinkedIn reaching 200 million members and the dangerous stuff the US TSA finds during hand luggage scans.

  • Professionally-oriented social network LinkedIn now boasts 200 million members. That’s an impressive number, though rather dwarfed by Facebook’s 1 billion users.
  • Security queues at airports are uber-annoying, but a blog post from the US TSA reminds us why they’re necessary. The TSA found 1543 firearms in luggage during the year, and 1215 were loaded. Other items detected in luggage include live grenades, black powder, a spear gun and a gassed-up chainsaw.
  • If you’re a heavy user of Gmail’s labels, you can now add labels (and stars) to your messages direct from the floating Compose window. You can find the new feature under ‘More options’.
  • System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 has been patched. Cumulate Update 7 adds fixes a number of security and performance issues.


  • Yes, the TSA are trying to remind you why they’re necessary. But they’re not worth it. They don’t tell you in that post about all the stuff they missed, none of which anyone has used to take over a plane, and so the stuff they found probably wasn’t going to be used for it either.

    TSA are a bunch of jackbooted thugs who steal your stuff.

    See the “taking sense away” blog for more about how bad the TSA are.

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