Bad Habits Die Hard, So Don't Start Them

Here at Lifehacker we frequently advocate diving in and getting started rather than endlessly thinking about a project. However, when it comes to teaching yourself a new skill, it's worth taking the time to learn to do it properly in the first place, rather than fudging.

Picture by Adam Tiner

Google program manager Albert Hwang makes the point well in a blog post discussing how he become involved in an internal Google project to teach coding to non-programmers:

Bad habits die hard. If you are writing messy or convoluted code, you are building habits that will be very hard to break. Better to overcome the pain of doing it the right way initially so that you never have to go back and change.

That advice is very relevant to developers, but it applies to other learning activities too. Doing it right the first time is always better than wasting hours fixing your mistakes later.

Finding the inner programmer in every Googler [Google Official Blog]


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