Add Automatic LED Lights To Desk Drawers

If your desk drawers or kitchen cupboards have a dark interior that makes it hard to find items, consider adding strips of LED lighting controlled by a magnetic alarm switch.

DIY weblog Make contributor Mahesh Venkitachalam figured out that if he wired a Mosfet BS170 transistor and a magnetic alarm switch to strips of LED lighting he had a basic lighting system where the LEDs came on whenever the door or drawer was opened.

See the source page below for full instructions including a wiring diagram and step-by-step photos.

Automatica Lights for Desk Interior [Make Projects via Hack-A-Day]


    Great idea. Slightly over-engineered. (Actually. VERY over engineered). Technically if you do this right you don't need anything beyond LEDs, a switch and a 9V battery (And any boxes/ties/tapes/whatever to tidy it up)

    But then, there is nothing wrong with learning electronics through a simple project like this. So go for it.

    man, this is just exactly what i wanted to do except permanently wire it to a 12V power plug.

    Pretty much what I am going to build into my hallway cupboard, have the LED strips on every shelf, connected to a reed switch on the doors. As I have a power outlet in the cupboard area already, I'll hopefully be able to just power them all from a single plug. Good project.

    Also, it would be better if the strips encompassed the entire inside on the shelf, but that would add more cost and power to it. I guess mounting the lights to the top the shelf in the middle would also help illuminate more evenly.

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