YouTube For iPad Fills The Last iOS 6 Gap

When iOS 6 was released, YouTube disappeared from Apple's official app list. To fill the void, Google released a version for iPhone but not for iPad. That has been remedied today with a new iPad-friendly YouTube app which also adds a few new features.

In addition to support for the iPad, Google has optimised the YouTube app for the iPhone 5's larger screen. The app also now allows you to stream videos via AirPlay, add and remove videos from your playlist, and actually get a response when tapping a link in the video description.

YouTube [iTunes App Store]


    I would've thought that the "last iOS 6 gap" is in fact the yet-to-be-(re)-released Google Maps app.

    Should Say support for the Ipad - but not first generation - because apple did not offer io6 even in cut down form - Scumbucket bastards - so now my software sits locked to 5.1

      you should've got a device from a manufacturer that supports it forever.

      Oh wait...

      Um not offering 6 to an iPad 1 is almost a blessing in disguise. Native YouTube, Google Maps ..
      I will move my iDevices, excluding iPad 1's, to iOS 6 when a proper Google Maps app comes around. You can JB and install native YT from older iOS' so that covers me

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