YouTube Capture Films Videos From Your iPhone, Shares Them Instantly

iOS: Apps abound for quickly sharing videos from your phone, but YouTube finally has an official offering with instant sharing and some handy features.

YouTube Capture is an app that emphasises speed: open it up, film a video, write a caption and tell it where to share your video. It'll upload it to YouTube, share links on your favourite social networks, and even let you set the privacy settings. Of all the apps that claim to be the "Instagram of Video", this is probably the closest to that snap-and-immediately-share experience. The app also has a few handy editing features such as colour correction and image stabilisation. Check out the video above to see it in action, or hit the link below to download the new app.

YouTube Capture is a free download for iOS, although Google says an Android version is on the way in the future.

YouTube Capture [via YouTube Blog]


    As cool as this app sounds I can see it having the ability to go very bad very quickly. If people are adding instant video with no filtering then are we going to be seeing executions or violent acts on youtube? I just think it needs to have some way of censoring

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