Win Parallels Desktop 8

We're in a Christmas mood, so it's time for some giveaways! First up, we have two copies of Parallels Desktop 8 — the ideal solution if you want to run Mountain Lion and Windows 8 side by side.

To enter the competition, answer this question:

What would your job title be a in a parallel universe?

Our two favourite submissions will each win a full copy of Parallels Desktop 8. The competition closes at 0930 on Friday December 14. Full terms and conditions here. Good luck!


    I work in a first year IT Support Role aka Computer Janitor.

    Jolly Good Fellow

    "The guy who types randomly on a keyboard pretending to do work"

    Health and Safety Officer at the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships ( see )

    In a parallel universe I would have a job. (any job would do.)

    Mister Mxyzptlk.

    Top Advisor to Time Flow Industries CEO regarding responsible sale of time-manipulation devices.


    Director - NZBMatrix
    (one who wouldn't shut it down)

    Intelligence specialist

    'The Annoying IT Guy' aka 'The Annoying IT Guy'

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