Win iolo System Mechanic Pro

Our Christmas giveaway extravaganza continues! Today, we have 10 copies of iolo System mechanic (valued at $89.95 each), a great tool for tuning up and maximising your PC performance, to give away.

System Mechanic Pro also includes Drive Scrubber (an easy-to-easy data permanent data deletion tool) and Search and Recover (which helps recover accidentally-deleted data). To enter the competition, just answer this question:

If you could be a mechanic for a day, what would you do?

Our ten favourite submissions will each win a full boxed copy of iolo System Mechanic Pro. The competition closes at 0930 on Saturday December 15. Full terms and conditions here. Good luck!


    If you could be a mechanic for a day, what would you do?

    I would fix absolutely everything and anything in my car to the highest standard! Then I wouldn't have to spend so much money on it...

    If I could be a mechanic for the day, I would fix my mum's car because she loves it so much but because of some financial troubles she can't afford to fix it completely. Love you mum!

    If I was a mechanic for a day I would add motors to everything, motors are great, everything needs more motors

    If I was a mechanic for a day, I would turbocharge my NA MKIV Toyota Supra!

    Well, first I'd say to my customer "The coolant level is fine. Your engine is cracked." Then, after watching them go through the motions of "Coolant level fine, ahhh :)" to "OMG TTHE ENGINES WHATTT>?"

    I'd pat them on the back, tell them I'm just kidding and that all it needed was wheel alignment.

    I'd then go about the motions of processing there card with a cheap, simplistic invoice we are all happy with.

    ... Then I'd wake up ... "What a horrible nightmare!" I would think to myself as I get ready for work.

    If i was a mechanic for a day i would like to get 2 cars that don't work and use parts from one to repair the other. I love to make things work and reduce unnecessary waste for the planet.

    I would go around offering a free service

    A cycle mechanic for the Orica GreenEdge team on day with a big climb during the TdF

    If I could be a mechanic for a day... I'd fix my car... I'm gona need some really good mechanical tools like iolo

    If I were a mechanic for a day.
    First I would place a cow catcher on the front, then install a turret on the top of my car, as a road rage deterrent. Ain't nobody going to rage when there's a car with a turret mounted around.

    I would wait until someone brought in a really cool sport car and then do Ferris Bueller's Day Off on it :)

    If you could be a mechanic for a day, what would you do?

    Charge like a wounded bull like every mechanic does, just paid $1800 this week to a mechanic after my car broken down on the weekend.

    I'd be a PC mechanic and go around showing as many people as possible how easy it is to backup their PC's. Too many people/clients have lost too much info for not backing up.

    I would just like to use the Mechanics Creeper. Customer walks in, I roll out from under the car, can I help you?

    I would probably make my own version of Xzibit's "Pimp my ride" show and then later on deeply regret doing it.

    If i was a mechanic for a day i would be Jason Statham and team up with Ben Foster and be an elite assassin with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets. It's a job that requires professional perfection and total detachment, and i would be the best in the business. i would get tricked into murdering my mentor and close friend Harry. My next assignment would be self-imposed - i would want those responsible dead. But while in pursuit of my ultimate mark, deceptions threaten to surface and those hired to fix problems become problems themselves.

    If I could be any type of mechanic for a day, I'd combine my skills with technology with automotive skills, and modify cars for this technological age!

    I would be a mechanic for Iron Man's suit, this way I could take it for a spin, all in the name of road testing and quality control :)

    Pretty simple really.
    I would give good customer service service using my many years of experience for what the customer wanted and needed.

    I would appear on the cover of "Popular Mechanics" for a lifetime award, donating the most console change from customer cars.

    I would want to be the mechanic for the "six million dollar man". But I wouldn't be saying "hellova crack, let me have a look at that" - more likely to say. "He is running fine but watch out for backfire". Oh... here is my bill...

    If I were a mechanic for a day, I would be (of course) the world's best mechanic. I would be the mechanic that fixes government issues that "we the people" feel need changing. I would get everyones input and then devise a program that would systematically improve our present government so that it works for all of us and makes our economy better. It would also lower our taxes by eliminating payment toward positions that are no longer being held.

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