Which Usenet Service Should I Use Now That NZBMatrix Has Closed?

Dear Lifehacker, After reading some of your previous stories I made the switch to Usenet, and have been happily grabbing Linux distros and whatnot for the past year or so. NZBMatrix went under last night, and I was wondering if you would be able to provide a list of worthy alternatives? Premium features like indexing by media type and quality really set it apart for me.

I did some basic research but it seems that the majority of other Usenet indexers are either invite-only or a massive downgrade from NZBMatrix's available services. Maybe we could connect up Lifehacker members to spread around the invite love? Thanks, Keanu Grieves

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Dear KG,

Usenet has many advantages, but providers are finding it an increasingly challenging business model. According to the notice posted on its site, NZBMatrix's shutdown was driven by the increasing cost of dealing with takedown notices from copyright owners, the difficulties in finding a payment gateway that would accept Usenet companies and a shrinking pool of content to index. While there are plenty of legitimate uses for Usenet as a file distribution mechanism, let's not kid ourselves: swapping media files is a big motivation for most customers, and that makes visible, paid-for indexing providers an obvious target for studio legal bigwigs.

Whatever your thoughts about the legal approach, customers are left with a more immediate question: who else should they use? For this one, I'm definitely turning to the Lifehacker community for help. Any providers you're happy to recommend and who offer a decent indexed service? Suggestions (and invite offers) welcome in the comments.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    All the good providers I know of have closed in the last few weeks

      OZNZB is the best replacement i have seen so far.... check it out

      SSL enabled - all connections to our domain names are forced to SSL for user privacy.
      Indexer currently had 2.5++ Million releases and is growing daily
      Full API support for Sickbeard, couch potato, headphones, etc
      Site is hosted on owned hardware in T1 datacentre, unlimited bandwidth and server capacity.
      Added fully integrated phpbb forums into the site.
      Added custom user rating system that allows user to rate releases for overall - thumb up/down, Video quality score 1-10 and Audio quality score 1-10.
      Users can preview video and audio release prior to download.
      Superfast search engine, results normally shown within 1 Sec
      Finalising an advanced search feature that will allow users to search and filter results based on a wide range of criteria.
      Site is currently free and open for registrations

        I tried googling this, and didn't find much more than essentially the list of features you've just rattled off Mr Guest. I'd be happier using it if I saw some reviews that didn't look like insiders trying to spruik it, I'd be inclined to try

          @robb, above was just a summary list of what you will find, others have done reviews and rate it highly you will find them with a quick google, the site has over 50,000 pages of content craploads more than most of the indexers, and i've been able to find everything i have searched for.

            Where are these reviews?
            I keep finding reviews from people with 1 post, +1 by people with one post, and they sound like the kind of reviews of people who are part of either the site, or doing PR for the site.

            If you can show me an independent review I might be more inclined to take part.

              the new version of SABnzbd has just been released and now supports full integration into OZnzb.com ratings and reporting system. Once enabled you can rate all releases downloaded from OZnzb.com and post comments and/or report any problems all directly from inside of SAB. There is also an option to automatically report problems with releases like passworded/encrypted, out of server retention and missing blocks.

              •Upgrade embedded unrar to 5.01 and (partially) support RAR5 format
              •Support for more meta-data in NZB files (to be used in TV Sort)
              •Optional integration with the OZnzb indexer, allows user access to ratings and reporting > * directly from SABnzbd interface.
              •Optional automatic feedback to OZnzb on failed downloads
              •Commandline option --pidfile to set your own PID-file name/path (Unix and OSX)
              •Basic support for X-DNZB-Failure and X-DNZB-Details headers, sent by some indexers
              •Support rate-limiting by (a number of) indexers
              •Special option "warn_dupl_jobs" to suppress/enable warnings for duplicate jobs
              •Special option "flat_unpack" to ignore folders inside archives

              Bug fixes
              •Fix false encryption alarms for some posts
              •Fix issue with OSX Mavericks Notification Center support
              •Fix issues with passwords embedded in file names
              •Support UNC paths in Sort expressions (Windows)
              •Add password entry boxes in smpl and Classic skins
              •Prevent unwanted change of queue order after editing job details
              •Allow Default category to be picked in Multi-Ops

    "NZBMatrix" hit me like a bomb shell this morning when I checked in! Damn man, where the hell am I going to get my TV shows from now? I'm giving "Newshosting" a go for this month, but as "Angus" says, I'm hoping the usual suspects will give up some closely guarded secrets on this one..!

      I've been using Newshosting for a couple months now and I love it... They have clients on PC and Mac, and I usually find what I'm looking for as well. Currently on the 10 bux a month plan which has been sufficient.

        Yep so far so good, plus they have a nice browser for searching and downloading. Hopefully they wont fall on their asses like NZBMatrix did. :)

    The company behind newsbin apparently offers its own subscription-based indexing service, with occasional free days for people to try it out. There may be other free ones out there, though, if you've bin search 'ing around for more info.

    What a kick in 1's and 2's this was!! Finally had sickbeard, couch potato and SabNZBd all working in perfect unison then BAM!!! It crumbled. I've noticed a few free indexing sites in the couch potato settings. Haven't extensively tested them.

    People talk of this "dogz" invite only indexer. Is there such a thing? How does one get in? Have I broken the first rule of fight club?

    Last edited 10/12/12 5:31 pm

      Found it ........ http://dognzb.cr/login knock, knock, knock.........

    Lifehacker talked me into signing up only 6 months ago. Now what to I do :P

      Same here :(

    Come on now, it was talking about these indexes which got us all into this mess!!


    A lot of people are talking about setting up their own (either private or semi-private) using newznab (an open source code-base for what is essentially an nzbmatrix clone).
    Many of the more public ones can be found by googling for "powered by newznab"...
    One of the most popular people seem to be jumping towards is nzbs.in

      Welcome to NZBs.in
      Site is slow.

      We're working on a solution.

      Registration are closed and won't come back soon.

    Has the whole internet forgotten the first rule of USEnet....

      apparently. Somebody should have said that before NZB indexes hit it big

    Dear Lifehacker,
    Which Newz (sic) index site should we go after next?

    Your friend,
    P.S. I promise I'm not an MPAA stooge.

    Try http://omgwtfnzbs.com/ they are taking registrations and the site is running smooth. NZBsRus doesn't load well.

      I can ditto on this one. Seems to be working well enough

        Just gave this a try, and got the message that "registrations have been temporarily disabled by the site admin" :( I also need a new suggestion. After doing research on lifehacker i also switched to nzbmatrix, and don't have cable any more. What size is still available to use? Or can someone send me an invite?

    I was a BIG NZBMatrix.com fan as well. The only site I have found that is even close would be nzbmovieseeker.com . I could sometimes find stuff on it, that I could not find on NZBMatrix.

    I have been using www.easynews.com for years and it has always been great.

      Ditto. But it's not an indexing site

        It does have a pretty good search engine tho...

          agreed, but like someone else, I just managed to get sickbeard and SabNZB working well on my NAS :(

    Sigh, time to port newznab to server 12 and role custom indexer...

    @Angus....Lifehacker should do a 'tut on setting up our own indexer on a home servers. Which is what I think ^^this guy^^ is talking about.

    Here is a howto for NZBnab:


    I think a roll your own indexer is the only way to go, as everything starts to get taken down.

      ByeBye is on the money, a colleague of mine is setting one up on EC3 for private access at the moment. Now we just have to hope the newz hosts dont get taken down :\

    I've been using www.nzbzombie.com , they have an API that works with sickbeard and couchpotato and phpbb forums.

    +1 for http://www.nzbgeek.info as the new NZB index of choice.
    Currently open signups.

      I agree. Guys are working 24/7 on it. Currently server is running smooth, with good content and fast indexing. New servers are currently on beta test, with a lot of input from matrix community on what to do and what not to do next time round. Totally worth supporting.

    umm... torrents... Usenet = as good as dead


      I ended up trying a bunch after matrix died..ended up useing http://www.nzb7.com
      Reason: clean interface..NO ADS, NO Porn, full support for Sabnzbd and sickbeard. Happy again!

    Nzbs r us is a great site, been using it since nzb matrix shutdown :-)

    +1 for oznzb.com

    Im using www.nzbreloaded.com for some time

    Check out https://nzb.is if you want an nzb index with lots of features.

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