Which Usenet Service Should I Use Now That NZBMatrix Has Closed?

Dear Lifehacker, After reading some of your previous stories I made the switch to Usenet, and have been happily grabbing Linux distros and whatnot for the past year or so. NZBMatrix went under last night, and I was wondering if you would be able to provide a list of worthy alternatives? Premium features like indexing by media type and quality really set it apart for me.

I did some basic research but it seems that the majority of other Usenet indexers are either invite-only or a massive downgrade from NZBMatrix’s available services. Maybe we could connect up Lifehacker members to spread around the invite love? Thanks, Keanu Grieves

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Dear KG,

Usenet has many advantages, but providers are finding it an increasingly challenging business model. According to the notice posted on its site, NZBMatrix’s shutdown was driven by the increasing cost of dealing with takedown notices from copyright owners, the difficulties in finding a payment gateway that would accept Usenet companies and a shrinking pool of content to index. While there are plenty of legitimate uses for Usenet as a file distribution mechanism, let’s not kid ourselves: swapping media files is a big motivation for most customers, and that makes visible, paid-for indexing providers an obvious target for studio legal bigwigs.

Whatever your thoughts about the legal approach, customers are left with a more immediate question: who else should they use? For this one, I’m definitely turning to the Lifehacker community for help. Any providers you’re happy to recommend and who offer a decent indexed service? Suggestions (and invite offers) welcome in the comments.


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