Use Facebook Photo Sync Cautiously To Avoid Wasting Bandwidth

Facebook has added a new Photo Sync option to its mobile apps, which automatically uploads photos taken on your phone to a private folder on Facebook. While that's potentially a convenient way of ensuring your current photos are easily available for sharing, it could chew through a lot of data if you're a frequent photographer.

The option isn't switched on by default, but once enabled it will automatically upload photos over available networks. The app defaults to smaller upload sizes when using 3G, but if you don't have a generous data allowance either disabling it altogether or only allowing sync over Wi-Fi would make more sense. Hit Facebook's help post (linked below) for detailed instructions on how to set those options in both apps. Personally, I prefer to stick to only uploading photos I have consciously selected, but this option could be useful for more regular photo sharers.

Facebook Photo Sync


    Not only that, but to avoid potentially highly embarrassing photos being uploaded and seen by anyone who could gain access to your facebook account through another computer or tablet where you have set it to remember your password.

    Plus I just don't trust facebook to keep my photos secure and/or private.

    Confidential information like documents could be uploaded for the whole world to see (if you accidentally share the wrong photo), then there is that embarrassing photo of yourself that you sent to your boyfriend/girlfriend. There are are a tonne of other examples.

    (CamScannerPro is a great app that turns your photos of a document into something that looks like a professional scan of the document that makes it very easy to read)

    I'm a fan of facebook, but this is one feature I would never turn on. Dropbox sync = yes, great. Facebook sync = BIG troube.

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    Its the same with Dropbox photo sync. I use Fast burst for rapid photos and got surprised when 200 photos were inside my Photo folder. Immediately turned it off.

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