Try These Instagram Alternatives (And Keep Your Photos Out Of Ads)

Instagram created an internet firestorm yesterday by changed its terms of service. The new terms (which take effect from January 16 2013) allow Instagram to use your photos in ads, even if they aren't clearly marked as ads. The only way to opt out is to ditch Instagram altogether and use another service. Fortunately, there are plenty of solid options for both iOS and Android users. Here are our favourites.

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    Given they were bough by Facebook, this sort of crap is about at their sleazy standard. If you haven't removed your pics by Jan 16 you lose all right to them altogether. So remove them now and change services. Oh and do yourself a big favour and dump FB in protest, or just dump them because they're Asshats...!

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      "arse" hats

        God I hate Grammar Nazis...

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          Actually, we're quite keen on grammar Nazis around here

            Yeah, not sure what your point is Angus, I read the posts and comments for their content not their spelling. I think it takes the focus from the point being made when some overzealous Grammar enthusiast decides that a misspelled word or loose phrase is more important than the content. If you want people to have perfect spelling etc, in order to write a comment then you are going to lose most of you commenter's to Grammar bullies. As for the Ass vs Arse I think I made my point when there are no correct way to spell it!
            By the way, nice to see that even the editors double post comments too.. :)

              I was merely referring to the fact we often discuss writing and related issues :) I'm more likely to take commenters seriously when they can spell properly, but it's certainly not a rule. (That doesn't apply to the posts; Lifehacker writers are doing this as a job, not a hobby, so professional standards apply).

                So those of us who have more or less educated ourselves because we had to start working 'very' early in life and consequently have less than perfect grammar, are not taken seriously because of a spelling mistake. ? There are others who suffer learning disorders.
                Seems a little unfair to me..

                  There's a big difference between a simple typo (which happens to everyone) and consistently poor usage. And I didn't say I would ways dismiss a poorly-expressed comment; I said I was less likely to do so.

          Actually, we're quite keen on grammar Nazis around here

    Ok, so now that we have come to the conclusion that there is no definitively correct way of spelling "arse/ass" we can move on to other things, right?

    Before you terminate your Instagram account (which will obviously delete all of your pictures forever), you can use Instaport ( to download all of your (crappy 4-megapixel over-filtered) photos in one go and in one handy zip archive.

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