The Pi Store Is A One-Stop Shop For Raspberry Pi Software

The open-source computer Raspberry Pi has already fuelled lots of great DIY projects since it was first released. Now, it also has an official app store to quickly snag software and check out tutorials.

If you’re new to Raspberry Pi, the store is built into the newest version of Raspbian. Since it just launched, the Pi Store doesn’t have too much variety. But the Pi Store does have excellent free software, such as despotify (a Spotify client for Raspberry Pi) and LibreOffice. If nothing else, it provides a simple way to install and run software known to work on the Raspberry Pi. You can install the store directly with this sudo command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pistore

You’ll find a few games and other software as well. It’s a good place to check out if you’re a beginner with Raspberry Pi or you just want to spark a few ideas on what you can do with it.

Pi Store [via Raspberry Pi Blog]


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