The O.C.D. Experience Workspace

Today’s featured workspace comes from Justin Klosky of organising service O.C.D. Experience. He organised his home office to perfect, showing exactly what he wanted and nothing that he didn’t. You won’t find a single wire anywhere.

Justin explains his choices:

I consider everything when it comes to the way I setup my personal space. It is part of my OCD. Our entire place has a specific purpose for living. It has been that way since I was a child. My favourite space right now is the O.C.D. Experience office. On the ground, I put in an red area rug, which fuels me, and an ottoman that doubles as a two-person window seat and storage for all our office supplies. Cork boards line the walls for organised visions, goals, and creative expectations. I brought in a large citrine crystal to add life and career energy, as well as “El Jeffe,” our security guard – an office plant of five years, who has traveled from NY to LA, LA to NY, and NY back. The best part of the office is the desk system I built from scratch; I’ve labelled it the “O.C.D. Desk System.” (Did I mention that you can’t see one wire, as the desk hides them all?)

If you want to read more about Justin’s workspace and see more photos, check out the full post over at Herman Miller Lifework. It even includes some helpful organisation tips for the holidays.

Home-Office Tour: Justin Klosky of O.C.D. Experience [Herman Miller Lifework]

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