The Illustrator's Workspace

What's one easy way to surround your workspace by awesome images all day long? Be an illustrator! Graphic artist and designer Bob Wulff's home office doesn't require much in the way of adornment because the work speaks for itself.

All that's needed are a few cool tools and an organised setup:

I'm a graphic designer/ illustrator and this is my home workspace. I have a PC with dual monitors set up; the bottom one is a Wacom Cintiq 21UX drawing tablet, the top is a regular old ASUS. I have a spot for my Macbook, large format scanner, and even room for a drafting board I put on an old desk easel. Not to mention all of my toys.


    Where could I find one of those inclined work 'tables'? I'm wanting one to write on, not sure why but I feel so much more comfortable writing on an incline like you draw

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