Store Furniture Using Skills From Tetris

US self-storage chain ExtraSpace created an interesting infographic on how to imagine your furniture items as Tetris pieces so you can stack them in the most efficient way possible.

I've used this strategy in the past and while you can't always go by just the shape of the furniture since the weight or balance may dictate otherwise, you can usually follow the general principle. lf you're worried about scratches, you'll need lots of blankets to put between layers of furniture. Also if you create a tall stack of furniture you may want to consider using a bungee cord to secure it to the wall of your storage truck or unit.

Here's the full infographic (click to expand or right-click to save):

Using Your Tetris Skills to Store Furniture [ExtraSpace via Reddit]


    just awkward when you have to explain why half your furniture is missing, due to it disappearing when you completed a row.

    Indeed, the Tetris game really helped. We asked around a number of guys who have worked at storage companies or are currently working, and they have played the Tetris game at some point. It helps a lot if the space is very limited, for example mobile pods or storage, and you need to have a lot of visualization in order to fit in most of your items for storage. Games, if done moderately, can be indeed very helpful.

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