Season's Greetings, And Please Don't Forget The Apostrophe

A simple and timely reminder for our final Mind Your Language column of the year: if you're writing Season's Greetings in an email or card, be sure to include the apostrophe.

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The greetings belong to a single season, so this is the appropriate spelling. Yes, it's easier to write 'Merry Christmas', and we have no objection if you do. But we don't want to see 'Seasons' Greetings' or 'Seasons Greetings' on any of our festive missives. Merry Christmas and stay accurate!

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    Because that one silly omission will completely invalidate anything else you put into the message!

    I dislike using "Season's Greetings". I find it the same as saying "It's Summer. Hello!" Merry Christmas (which many corporations avoid using as it is not inclusive enough) and Happy Holidays (which I don't think can be said without sounding like an American) both wish happiness on the end of the receiving party.

    Season's Greetings just makes me feel like the only point of Christmas is to feel obligated to socialise with people that I wouldn't otherwise talk to on a regular basis, be it family, colleagues, or others. Although this is commonly the case, I feel like saying "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" is at least expressing that you hope the other party finds joy at this time of the year.

    That's my rant over. To everyone who reads and comments here, you have kept me entertained for the past 12 months, and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


    I think you'll find that 'Seasons' is a verb (with a 'gapped' third person subject). Ordinary greetings can be flavourless. When he seasons greetings, the meaty richness of the greeting is accentuated.

      Correct! Angus has once again forgot to season his greetings. A bland christmas to all!

      The apostrophe is possessive, as in "greetings of this particular season".

      The greetings belong to the season, they don't belong to all of the seasons. It is a greeting for this particular season, why else would would you use a "seasonal" reference?

        I disagree. They are greetings in relation to a season, yes, but if I greet you in such a manner, than it is my greeting, not the season's.

      It's alright ClothedVillainy, some of us got it.

    When you stop using initial caps in your headings I might take your advice on grammar and spelling.

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