Save To Drive Chrome Extension Can Store Entire Web Pages

Chrome: One thing is clear: Google really wants you to store stuff on Drive. A fortnight after enabling attaching files in Drive to Gmail messages, it has launched an extension that lets you save a copy of an entire web page to Google Drive.

You can save an image of the entire page or just the visible area, the source code for the page, or a web archive of the page. The extension also lets you save individual images or file links straight to drive by right-clicking on them (you can even automatically convert other file types to Google Docs). Not everyone is going to need these options, but they're potentially useful for web developers or people regularly grabbing files for use in Google Docs.

Google has also enhanced its image viewing tools for pictures stored in Drive, offering new fit-to-page and 100 per cent zoom buttons and allowing you to annotate an image with comments.

Save To Drive [via Google Drive Blog]


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