Prevent Your iPhone Or iPod Headphones Cord From Breaking With A Little Shrinkwrap

Wouldn't it be nice if Apple made headphones that didn't break after a few months of standard use? Unfortunately that's not the reality here, but redditor Kulmania fixed the problem with a small bit of shrink wrap.

[The headphones] always break normally, but I've managed to use my earbuds for over two years after putting shrinkwrap on. Basically the stuff looks like this. It shrinks when exposed to high heat. So, cut off a piece about 2cm long, slip it on the end of the jack, past the metal connectors and use a lighter to shrink the tubing around the jack. don't hold the flame under it though. Act as if the jack were your finger. Apply small amounts of heat until the whole thing is sealed tight.

The result? The plug at the bottom of your headphones won't crack and break easily, giving you much more life out of the earphones. Of course, you have to actually like them to go through the trouble. We've seen at least five better options for more and less money.

Use shrinkwrap to deal with those dastardly iPod earbud jacks [Reddit]


    Ironically this is why the apple earplugs, and in fact pretty much all cabled devices have those extra pieces of rubbery plastic protruding from cases and plugs. It's just a pity that none of the designers out there seem to realise what they are for and continually making them too stiff thus defeating their intended purpose!

    Another (heat-free) option is to use Sugru
    I have used this product on a number of cables and other projects - works very effectively.
    Incidentally, timancactus, "shrinkwrap" in Australia is plastic wrap primarily used in shrink-wrapping pallets of assorted goods for shipping. It also refers down here to the kitchen wrap used for protecting food, sealing containers, etc. When I first read this tip, I wondered why anyone would just wrap plastic film around a cable, so Kai wasn't the only one confused :-).

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