Plan Now For Next Year’s Decorations

Plan Now For Next Year’s Decorations

Now that Christmas is over and folks are starting to pack away their gear, it is important to plan ahead for next year so that you can save both time and money.

Of course, nearly everyone knows about buying gift wrap and decorations after Christmas for cost savings, but personal finance weblog PFAdvice also points out that every minute you spend now to property put away your Christmas gear will pay dividends next year when you drag it back out and put it on display. It is easy to put things off until next year, like having a stocking washed to remove tree sap or spills, but what is easily removed by dry cleaning now may prove impossible to fix next year. In that sense you should go ahead and replace anything broken now while it’s cheap and pack it away well so it will be in new condition when you need it next year.

For other tips on how to use time now to save both time and money next year see the source link below.

Save Time and Money Next Christmas [PFAdvice]

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