Pay Less By Ordering Over The Phone At The End Of The Month

Shopping online offers a simple convenience that doesn't compare with sales over the phone. However, as frugal buyer LycanDarko points out, you can cut costs significantly with a call at the end of the month.

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Why the end of the month? Many phone sales representatives receive a commission and have a quota to meet. If they're shy of meeting it, they'll be more eager to negotiate on price. Not every rep will offer a discount just because you ask, but if not you can always hang up, call back and try with someone else.

For more tips on saving money on a laptop, check out LycanDarko's full post.

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    On his original post he said he has saved 4000 dollars on an alienware laptop... is this even possible? I'm skeptical of that claim.

      Because he uses the Alienware "list price" on components then sourced them elsewhere. Take a good read of what he said about the ram. Alienware price was $1780 more than the newegg price currently at $82.

      Its like saying if I offered to sell you a Kmart $20 toaster for $1500. You don't save $1480 buying it from Kmart.

    Especially true for car sales. My husband and I did a lot of homework before purchasing the new model car we wanted. We visited several dealerships but none of the salespeople were willing to budge much on price. We waited until three days before the end of the month and phoned a dealer stating the price we were willing to pay, which was $3500 less than the cheapest price we'd been given. We told the salesperson he had to the end of the day to decide whether he was willing to accept our price. He rang a number of times trying to get us to come up in price, saying his boss would never let him cut the price so dramatically. We held our ground, and sure enough, at 4.45pm he rang and told us we had a deal.

    That happens alot, not just at telephone sales but at retailers as well. The stores performances are judged on how well they performed in the month and as long as their monthly target is met, they will be ok. Therefore its usually easier to bargin with them at the end of the month. Speak to managers directly as well, always helps to get someone who might actually know something.

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