Mozzie Index Tracks Odds Of Mosquito Action

Summer's officially here. Great for after-work beach action, less helpful when it comes to mosquitoes. The Mozzie Index uses weather data to predict the likelihood that a given area will be invaded by those whining, blood-sucking insects.

The calculations are based on rainfall from the previous week, expected temperatures and other factors such as coastal proximity. Mosquitoes typically have a two-week breeding cycle, so last week's rainfall is a helpful starting guide. According to today's calculations, Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Perth and Darwin all have a high risk, while Adelaide and Canberra are moderate,

The data is updated weekly, and you can get email updates for your suburb. There's nothing subtle about the index's commercial purpose — it's designed to push the use of Aerogard — but it's something to consider as you're scratching yourself.

Mozzie Index


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