More Android Than iOS In Australia

It's official: iOS' absolute dominance of the Australian market is over. According to research firm Telsyte, 44 per cent of smartphones being used in Australia are running Android, giving it a slim lead over iOS with 43 per cent.

Photo: Cameron Parkins

That figure isn't going to cause Apple to lose any sleep, not least because it has absolute ownership of iOS customers and revenue, while Android is a much more divided market. But it's noteworthy because it suggests that the common argument amongst app developers that iOS needs priority will need reconsideration. There are other factors that play into that argument: the Android ecosystem is unquestionably more fragmented. However, with iOS now also running over multiple versions and screen sizes, fragmentation is an issue for nearly any mobile platform.

Diversity (particularly in terms of price) has been Android's main advantage, according to the Telsyte Australian Smartphone Market Study 2013-2017. "Our new research shows that the lower prices, faster product cycles and carrier support has helped Android become the leading platform,” Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi said in a release announcing the results. He also noted that Apple users have a higher intention of buying again and are more likely to sign contracts.

Ultimately, having a competitive market is better for everyone. If you're a happy iOS user, then competition from Android will still drive Apple to improve its products. Ditto if you're content with Android, or Windows Phone, or BlackBerry. Bring it!


    The way everyone acts in regards to which team they are on is a bit sad these days.

    In the end a phone is a phone, all the major players have advantages and disadvantages

      Oh but it is so fun to troll them... :-D

      it's all down to teams isn't it. It's so sad.

      You know what the very BEST phone is? Well, it depends what you're after. And whatever you choose has no effect on me, nor vice versa. Would be so nice if we could just keep that in mind.

    This has always been inevitable. If you're selling $79 Android phones compared to $799 iPhones...the average phone buyer not too concerned about features is clearly going to go Android.

      Wouldn't you consider that a good thing? You don't sell a Mercedes to someone who just wants a Datsun. Proper market spread and product variation is better for consumers than shoe-horning.

    It's more important to know how many phones are running the last 1-2 OS versions. That's the market you develop for.

      Surely you'd develop for the market where most of your potential customers are.

      Ideally, your software would run on as wide a range of devices and OS versions as possible, being backwards compatible while taking advantage of any newer OS features if present, and restricted only if essential features were missing.

        No because that costs too much money.

        It is a lovely dream though.

    Let's not forget that that's 43% of of users using one series of device made by one company... Androids 44% is a cluster-fuck of about 10 main brands and 50 shitty brands with combined about 1000 different models!

      This. Is anyone really surprised? I'm impressed Apple was able to capture 43% of the market from a single product.

        It's not a single product, the figure is a cumulative total of devices in use in the wild, from first gen to current. As for comparing wide vs narrow product variation, I covered that in my reply to the repost of this on Gizmodo. Short answer is whether you sell 100 OnePhones, or 60 CheapPhones and 40 ExpensivePhones, you come out the same. OnePhone isn't more successful, it just appears that way because you haven't given any other variants. You compare ranges, not individual variants.

      Ask yourself: if they're so shitty, why do so many people buy them? Clearly apple doesn't cater to everyone.

      Last edited 12/12/12 8:35 pm

        Wonderfully put, and this applies to everything else.

        If Android is so 'crap', why do people buy them?
        If Microsoft is so 'crap', why do people buy their products?

        etc etc

    About time we caught up with the US, and the world as a whole (actually to be honest we still have a long way to go to match Android's huge dominance in those markets).

    I guess iPhone users can take comfort in the fact that they use the world's most common smartphone.

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