Make A DSLR Lens Case Using Plastic Bottles

Need somewhere to store your valuable DSLR lens and can't afford a custom bag? You can make a simple case using two plastic bottles, a sheet of foam and a zipper.

Instructables user made her case by cutting the ends from two plastic bottles and sewing them together with a zipper using dental floss and a needle. Cut two circles and a rectangular sheet of foam and glue them inside the bottles.

This makes a basic lens case that offers some protection from falls and water; you might want to consider waterproofing around the seams if you expect it to get wet.

Plastic Bottle Lens Case [Instructables via Red Ferret]


    If you can't afford the case to keep it safe - you can't afford the lens.

      is this an excuse to buy a keg for my 600mm L series lens?

      Some lenses do not come with cases and if you buy used, they usually do not either.

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