Lifehacker Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Web App

Our 2012 Lifehacker Awards nomination process winds up today with our final category: web apps. What applications can't you live without in your browser?

Whether it's a full-blown office suite or a basic feed reader, browsers host all kinds of useful tools. Which ones deserve a place on our list of finalists? Offer up your nominations in the comments, and come back Monday to vote across all of our categories.



    A terrific refresh to hotmail with a much cleaner and fluid ui.

    Really, if you are serious about using feeds this is the gold standard and if you never got into a news reader then this is where to start. Newsblur will import your Google Reader feed and from then on Newsblur looks after the whole kit and kaboodle serving them all up in a simple good looking useful webpage where you can read the headers, a simple version of the page or even the full original page. I put up some money but the free version is great too. (

    Top Eleven football management sim. Good fun, simple enough but complex enough. Each day is equivalent of a week. About 2 matches a day (league, cup, champions league). Each season is 1 month long etc etc.

    Google Docs for sure. I've done a number of presentations using Google Docs and it's been nothing but awesome. Works great for storing scanned receipts and stuff as well.

    Evernote is a close second for storing receipts.

    Google Docs/Drive:
    For me way better than Microsoft Office, literally takes me 2 seconds to get started on a document, and I dont have to worry about saving it, as it periodically saves my documents to Google Drive


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    Google Docs/Drive.
    Ever since it brought in Research in tools it's been the fastest way for me to plan holidays or look into gifts for friends or anything.

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