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You wanted sales ranked, site-building platforms compared, tips on saving money overseas and at home, cheap petrol and the best Android tablets. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

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  1. Dick Smith Versus JB Hi-Fi: Rating This Week's Rival Wednesday Sales
    Both JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith are holding one-off sales on Wednesday December 5. We've sorted the actual bargains from the unremarkable deals for your shopping pleasure.
  2. Five Best Android Tablets
    There are plenty of Android tablets to choose from these days. That doesn't mean they're all an equally good investment. This week we asked you which Android tablets you thought were the best of the best, and rounded up the top five based on reader nominations.
  3. No More Free Google Apps
    Ouch. Google Apps has ditched its free version, meaning anyone who wants to use the business version of Google's mail, calendar and office suite will now have to pay $US50 a year per user for the privilege.
  4. Seven Productivity Myths Debunked By Science
    The end goal of productivity tips is to spend less time doing the things you have to do so you gain more time for the things you want to do. But if you follow every morsel of productivity advice you encounter, you'll end spend more time moving papers and emails around than actually getting anything done. Need to simplify your routine? Let's put an end to some common productivity myths once and for all.
  5. How Petrol Stations Are Making It Harder To Find 'Cheap Days'
    Petrol isn't cheap: the average cost in Australia over the last year was 143 cents a litre. When weighed up against other locations, Australia still comes out as one of the less expensive OECD countries, but shifty behaviour by retailers means it's getting harder and harder to buy petrol at the lowest price point.
  6. Follow Jeff Bezos' Two-Pizza Rule To Avoid The Dangers Of 'Groupthink'
    You may have heard the joke that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Group efforts often suffer from "groupthink", where individuals lose the benefit of independent thought and just agree with each other. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos solves that problem with a two-pizza rule.
  7. The Best Platforms For Building Web Sites
    Building an impressive web site takes work, whether you love to code or don't know the first thing about it. There are lots of tools which aim to make creating a site easier, but no single option fits everyone's needs. In this post, we'll take a look at a handful of popular options, their pros and cons, and why you might pick them to build your web site.
  8. How To Generate More Interviews With Your Resume
    It's a situation pretty much everyone finds themselves in at some point during their careers: sending your resume out to scores of recruiters and/or hiring agents… and not hearing anything back. Before you consider giving up on your ideal job, remember that the issue isn't you so much as how you're coming across on the page.
  9. Ways To Avoid Stupid Travel Money Expenses
    It's easier than ever to get money overseas, but that convenience comes with a cost. From avoiding ATM expenses to not getting slugged with currency conversion fees, these are our best tried-and-tested tactics to keep those bills lower.
  10. Top Strategies To Cut Shipping Charges
    Excessive postage and shipping charges are the bane of every online shopper's life. Here are our favourite ways to avoid paying too much for delivery when you buy online.


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